Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Research on humanism


It is a philosophy that rejects the thought of super-naturalistic forces and concentrates on reason and science to make sense of the world. It doesn’t place responsibility on supernatural forces, but rather states that we have responsibility and cannot blame other things for the bad we have caused, or didn’t stop. We must choose and control how things around us end up.


Another philosophy that rejects anything other than material matter, so they base their truth and theories on things that are seen. Truth is only based on physical matter and not on spiritual non-seen things. They say that everything including complex concepts like love is based on some physical interaction.


Just like the other two philosophies mentioned above, they share a lot of the same characteristics like, it is a philosophy that is limited by physical, naturalistic and things that exist only in matter. It is often referred to as a science ideology, as it has a positive approach to the philosophy. Behaviour is the positive factor in this philosophy. They also believe in progress through scientific progress.


It is intellectual and philosophical development on the individuals freedom, as such. It brought forth individual rights, it used reason and common sense for it’s thought and concentrated on an individuals liberty. It improved the lifestyle and made all sorts of laws and systems by which people will live. It gave the state absolute power.

Source: www.wikipedia.com

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